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    Your User Guide 

    Welcome to Art2Trade4. 

    With Art2Trade4 there are two places you can showcase your work. Your shop is where everything is for sale. Your Galleries showcase works that aren’t for sale but help to create a background for your work. You can profile an earlier exhibition, commissioned works, competition pieces etc. Once you are registered, you can change any information about you (except your user shop name) in your Members Centre. 

    How to set up your shop and add products 

    Buying and selling using your shop is fun and easy. 

    This user guide will give you details on: 

    Adding a product

    Featuring a product on the Art2Trade4 Home Page

    Shop Appearance

    Adding a Gallery

    Shipping and Payment Options

    Information about your Members Centre

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Adding a Product 

    To create your shop, from the home page click Sell which will take you straight to adding a product to your shop.

    Choose between the following sale types:

    Make an offer: Is effectively a method of bargaining where you set your sale price (including GST) and the buyer and yourself negotiate a suitable purchase price.

    Auction: You set a reserve price and the auction length.

    Attribute: List some of the details of the piece.

    Creative Commons: is a copyright alternative. To find out what symbol is applicable for your work, click on the Creative Commons link which will take you through to a page with detailed descriptions.

    You can put your item in your shop to be sold now or just put it in a gallery to be viewed only. Everything in your gallery can be listed for sale at a later date.

    Recommendation: Recommend this item in your shop.

    Story: If you would like to include a story about the piece or collection. 

    Featuring a product on the Art2Trade4 Home Page 

    All the items in the shop are for sale and can be published to the home page from your inventory. To do this from your shop: 

    Tick the product

    Click Remove Listings which will put the product into your Inventory

    In Inventory click Publish to put the item on the home page

    Doing this will not remove the item from your shop. 

    The appearance of your shop  

    From the home page click on Member Centre/ My Shop/ Shop Info. Choose your category and create a shop description.

    There are 4 Shop styles to choose from:

    Choose a style and submit


    Your browser may not support display of this image.  

    Your shop domain name is what your individual URL will be.

    Your shop will show:

    Shop Name

    Shop Announcements

    Messages to the buyer (you can also use this to thank them for their order)

    Recommended artwork

    Video that can tell your story or show your product and media banner  

    Adding a Gallery

    Set up galleries and their appearances

    My Galleries 

    Your browser may not support display of this image.  

    Your gallery appearance and it uses:

    You can have as many galleries as you like to show your products, your featured events, your banner and who you are.

    You can use it to showcase your best works or work from specific or old exhibitions.

    Items featured in the galleries are not for sale, they are there to provide a context for your ‘for sale’ work.

    Galleries can feature your product from different viewpoints.

    Galleries are password protected.

    Galleries can feature videos, slides, animation, and images.

    You can direct message between galleries in email form. 

    Shipping and Payment Options

    These are both listed in your Members Details page. 

    The product price must include GST.

    The delivery costs are separate from the item costs.

    Please state the different costs for local, national and international delivery.

    Enter also your secondary costs (which are always less than your primary costs) if the product is to be shipped or delivered with another item.

    If the item is fragile, please mark fragile and this way up and clearly indicate with heavy marked arrows. 

    Payment Methods are by Visa Debt, Credit Card, Bank deposit, and other methods Paypal, Paymate.

    Payment Instructions: 

    Your browser may not support display of this image.  

    Information about your Members Centre

    Your personal profile will support your Twitter, Facebook and other personal URL contacts.

    Your accounting information can be edited in your Members Centre. 

    Setting up your profile from your Registration

    In your registration you can upload an avatar or your own image which is shown as an icon for your shop.

    Your Profile will show your country and city location and it will help buyers to find you.

    Buyers will be able to learn more about you and your work by following your favourite shops and sellers. By clicking on Sellers your whole profile will be revealed to the buyer, telling them all that they need to know about you.

    Your Profile is also a good spot for your shopping policy information. 

    Setting up your delivery address

    Your delivery address is found under personal information and you can change the address at any time.

    Delivery Address: 

    Your browser may not support display of this image.  

    Enter the country name, and then start off with your own name. 

    Your FAQ Tips 

    In the Contact Us section of the site are the user guides and FAQ if you need any help with anything. 

    Choosing a User Shop Name

    When you register you will need to think carefully about your user shop name. It is useful to choose a shop name that relates directly to your artwork, style, appearance and medium.

    Once your account name has been set it cannot be changed.

    Check Contact Us/The Shop Name carefully for tips in the type of user name. 

    Choosing your Profile Image

    Your image will need to be square to fit the pixel ratio.

    Use an eye catching image, which captures who you are. 

    Set up your Customer Care Services through Members Centre/Personal Info and take a look at our site wide policies in the information in Contact Us/Member Guidelines. 




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