Our Aspirations

    Keeping art2trade4 Aspirations

    art2trade4 is an on-line Hybrid Artist community, designed to help artists and people to connect, build relationships and create engaging communities around common interests. Since its inception in 2009, art2trade4 is just starting out on its migratory path to the rest of the globe. We hope art2trade4 will become an important part of the lives of other people, artists and friends. If you are one of them, we would encourage you to share with us your story and your aspirations.

    We love art2trade4 aspirations as much as you do and we want to keep art2trade4 an enjoyable, fun, clean site as we want others to see it. We call this the artistic appreciation and aspirations of the artists and people.

    Our site’s success will be driven by its membership and its ability to engage with other people, whose interest will be to support this new concept, to engage in content and products to buy and sell in the different types of communities.

     We wish to preserve both off-line and on-line the quality and integrity of all e-tradeshops’ and storefronts’ gallery images, by clearly focusing on the attributes of the Creative Commons Act, censorship throughout the entire website. Help us to minimize any form of negative interaction and preserve what is to be safe, vibrant, and valuable to the communities, so that it can be enjoyed by the majority of the users. We intend to do this by the following methods.

     Our Vision

    To help people and organizations to connect, build relationships and create engaging interest groups, to build etradeshop and storefronts for creating, buying and selling art around creative common interests



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