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    The Shop name.art2trade4 

     Art2trade4’s shop name is your username. Art2trade4’s customer support service can not switch your username for you once your user shop name has been accepted. Your shop name is one of the most important first steps you take to creating a successful e-business. It will give you immediate recognition, style and search ability from our search and advance search features. When choosing your name, it is vital to take full advantage of choosing the right name for considering factors, that go into choosing the perfect shop name for your branding, style and shop communications.

     What’s in the choosing of a name?

    Choose a name that is easy to remember and spell.  You want potential buyers to be able to recognize, remember and be able to find you again, even if they have visited your shop briefly.

    Choose no more than two words that flow evenly together, so that people can remember them.Choose a name which is favourable to your community network that your current suppliers and sellers can remember. Write down a list of names and decide which one is going to be the key to your shop door. It like a namesake, “Why is the key name so memorable?” Ask yourself the following question. Take inspiration from what your previous sellers have done to create their memorable aspirations.Think about your legalities. Your name is your trademark. Make sure that it does not conflict or sound likes someone else’s name, who is specializing in the same type of products or items.Once you have decided on your username, or shop name, take advantage under my shops what type of shop style layout and labelling is suitable for your type of products and items. This will help you to improve the appearance of your shop Make sure that its appearance is cohesive with all your banding, labelling, banners and marketing identities. Help yourself to create a stronger visual appearance for your shop’s logos, branding, notices and announcements.If you’re selling specific products under your particular category and subjects, specify carefully all your product information and the specifications that relate to that type of supply. Put what you are selling into your basic name of your shop. This way our basic advance Search engine will help others to find what they are looking for. Don’t forget that your shop name should reflect your personal style. If you choose a really beautiful, soft, elegant name, it would make sense that your product and items in the shop are sensitive towards their genre, type of medium and reflect the personality of your style and design.When opening a shopOnce your products and items have been listed to a shop, its storefront and gallery, with its images of the product shown in the galleries, there is no way you can transfer the products or items over to another shop. It’s just the risk that you will have to take, when going for a better shop name. It’s therefore important, to get your shop name correct the first time round. Feedback, sales records, your favourites, watch-lists, purchases, your fan base and conversations with buyers and sellers are all part of the shop name for those products and services.You can, however, have other shop names, with storefronts and galleries supporting your products and services, using the same facilities as shown above.The above criteria that you register will be your new account name and identification. All your personal inner communication from our familiar voices and image dashboard will use your own email address. Your account registration will use your email address to provide you with statements and balances required from your transactions with the buyersPut all your new shop announcements into your current art2trade4 shop and profile by stating that your have opened up another shop supporting other types of products and items for your services and provide the URL of your previous shop, so that buyers can copy and paste them into their browser.Also, if you have other product and item lines of two distinct styles, just open up another shop. You can operate another shop at the same time. You will, however, have to register and set up the profile of the shop in exactly the manner as you had set up the first shop. Listing all your communication will however be from that shop name.

    Tagging Products and Items in the shop

    What are tags?

    Tags can be used for a single word or for a double word attachment. The tag is entered at the time of listing your details. Use tags to describe the main keywords, that will help the buyer to find the product or item that the buyer is looking for. Any number of tags can be used for the keyword entry from the various membership levels. There is no set number of tags per membership, just what has been made available to support the listing of the pictured product.

    We have not set the tags to define different levels in the categories, subjects or attributes. Tags will help the advance search function to find what you are looking for, instead of browsing by the categories or subjects. Look into your item description for the good keywords. Choose keywords that are accurate in describing the item being listed. Do not accurately describe the item in the tagging. The tagging between words is separated by exclamation marks “etc” between words and spacing. There are some general guidelines for tagging products and items.

    It pays however to use your first word tag so that it is at the top of the list. The second tag relates to sub-listing the order of priority, in which you place the next tag.

    They can also be placed in a free form order. Appropriate use of tagging is very important for the listing of the product or item


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