Better Communication


    Better communication to prevent violation.

    It is also worth noting that art2trade4 will continue to co-operate with any law enforcement agency of New Zealand, if any possible investigation or prosecution of users who try to abuse art2trade4. We will take care to look after our user interests, if the need for an appropriate legal process is required.

    Minimizing inappropriate content

    It is virtually impossible to eradicate completely all offensive content and material in any community, whether off-line or on-line. It is important to differentiate between inappropriate content and illegal content. There will always be a case where some will find something offensive and others say that it is acceptable. What is obviously unacceptable will be contrary to art2trade4 policies. We will always regret any instances, which may cause others to feel uncomfortable.


    We will do our best to minimize it with the various levels of our membership program. We have put a lot of effort into developing our software platform to comply with the Creative Commons Act and we are hoping that the guidelines will be followed by all artists from the information that is to be provided. By using watermarks and all the rights reserved under the various Creative Commons attributes’ we hope to minimize this very important issue.

    We feel that this is the best way to apply our technology to help determine the exact rights and entitlements for every artist. In this way we are also able to detect and remove questionable content on art2trade4.

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