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    Frequently Asked Questions (Buying)

    Here you'll find answers to questions about buying on Just click a question in the list below and you'll be taken to the answer.

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    Making a Purchase

    Making a Purchase on art2trade4

    How buying works

    You are required to register before purchasing

    How does your shopping work for you

    What can I do if I’m browsing?

    How to pay the Seller

    Art2trade4 currency is in NZ Dollars

    What is DPS Payment Express and how does it work on

    Do I need to create a DPS account before a purchase?

    Do I have to use PayPal for overseas purchases?

    Reporting a Problem

    As a buyer, how I do I report a problem with a transaction?

    Buyer’s problems that can occur

    How it works between the buyer and the seller.

    Our Feedback System

    If the Buyer has Paid


    To Making a Purchase on art2trade4

    How buying works?

    To buy products and items on art2trade4, you need to register and form an account under a particular membership.

    It is free for 90 days and after 91 days a membership is required (see the General FAQ guide for details).

    Products and items can be purchased from any of the memberships from a seller, who has registered and formed an account.

    All billing is via DPS, a fully integrated guaranteed support online financial service. .All payment methods are accepted and this is specified.

    At the time of setting up the account, the payment method can be via Visa, Credit Card, Debit Card, or money order.

    All payments are individual from the buyer to the seller and not to

    Every seller can specify his or her own return shipping policy. There are many types of courier and shipping options and payment methods.

    As soon as the sale has been completed art2trade4 will send an email to the seller notifying that the auction or make an offer has been completed.

    Be sure to check to see whether if the seller has set up a Shop policy information.

    If you have any other further questions about any of the above, please contact us via our Support Ticket.

    You are required to register before purchasing?

    Our feedback system relies upon being able to identify who the buyer and seller involved with the transaction are.

    We use a username which is your shop name. This a unique identifier which makes it easy for us to see your step by step processes.

    For Registration of accounts please refer to our Registration help guide FAQ

    How does our shopping work for you?

    art2trade4 does not use a shopping cart to gather your items to be checked out. We do not add items. Each items transaction is a separate

    purchase between the buyer and the seller and all payments are actioned under our DPS system.

    After each transaction we automatically take our percentage fee. If you fall behind with the payments, we will send out to you an

    automatic request for a Top Up for your required level, based on the number of sales from your membership.

    What can I do if I’m browsing?

    If you are just browsing and you see a product or item you like, save it to your favourites. When you are ready to make a purchase,

    you can go to your favourites and add the item details to your etradeshop and storefront. For more information on favourites go

    to our General Enquires FAQ for buying an item on

    Most products and items for sale are one of a kind and therefore tend to sell more quickly. The length of time specified will

    determine how long the item is for sale. Suppliers may also specify whether they have restocked the item and its quantity for a number of the

    same kind. This can be clearly identified through our Familiar Voice communication process, if you require more information.

    Also the listing of the item may be in the Shop Gallery Not-For-sale section a simple request can ask for it to be put into the Storefront items,

    for Sale.

    How to pay the Seller

    Once the transaction has been completed, will notify the seller the method of payment chosen by the purchaser.

    In our detailed instructions you can request a receipt from the Make-an- Offer or for an Auction Sell it Now or go to inventory.

    Under any one of these offers our instructions will inform you exactly what you need to do.

    If you are paying with in New Zealand, we are presently supporting Visa, Visa, Debt Cards and Credit Cards only

    For overseas payments Paymate is highly recommended. PayPal is uncommon in New Zealand and it is not recommended.

    If you use PayPal or Credit Card payment via PayPal you will be responsible for the transactions cost, not

    Please check carefully that this is agreed to between you and the seller. Get it in writing with your communication processes.

    art2trade4 currency is in NZ Dollars

    All currency fees are in NZ dollars. When paying your fees by Visa, or Credit Card the currency conversion is handled automatically by the

    DPS financial services. We do not currently have a currency converter where the financial process that takes place does the automatic conversion.

    You the buyer or seller will be entirely responsible for the cost of transfer rates between country currency conversions.

    What is DPS Payment Express and how does it work on

    DPS is a Direct Payment Solution monthly service fee based on volume of transaction processed which is controlled by a DPS payments’ manager software.

    Multi currency processing is available throughout the New Zealand at the National Australia Bank and Bank of New Zealand.

    We have direct access to all the online reporting tools through which is able to view all transactions.

    The online payment processing is used widely throughout New Zealand on many internet sites to facilitate sales transactions including

    Credit Card payment. With DPS the seller will never see your Visa, Visa Debt, or Credit Card number.art2trade4 is not affiliated

    with or to being subsidized by DPS.

    For more help or personal assistance with DPS contact our Support ticket Centre.

    Do I need to create a DPS account before a purchase?

    Yes we do that automatically at the time you register your username and shop name with us.

    Do I have to use PayPal for overseas purchases?

    No, you do not. You can use Paymate, which is the one we recommend, however if you wish to use PayPal you will

    need to register with PayPal and follow their instructions. All you will need with them is your email address and password.

    Creating an account with PayPal will entitle you to all the PayPal protection services and other features and benefits that go with it.

    The same applies with Paymate. Buyers can submit payment by Visa, Visa Debit, Credit Card, or money order, with out requiring an account.

    However, check carefully and allow yourself to view the whole process, before undertaking any transaction processes.


    Reporting a Problem

    As a buyer, how I do I report a problem with a transaction?

    If you have a problem with the transaction at the Public or Private Membership levels, please contact the Seller directly via our internal Familiar Voice communication

    process to work towards a resolution. If the seller does not respond to your communication with in 30 days and you believe that the product or item has not been shipped

    as requested, the Order of Offer can be cancelled automatically.

    Or you may file a report and contact us at our Support Ticket Centre.

    Buyer’s problems that can occur

    If the seller has not responded within the required time limit, the order of offer can be cancelled.

    If the seller has sent the buyer different goods than those purchased on your Order of Offer

    or if the seller says that he or she has sent the goods when he or she hasn’t.

    If you suspect any items to be fraudulent, contact the Seller immediately.

    If the problem cannot be resolved after a reasonable amount of time, please request a refund from the seller

    How it works between the buyer and the seller.

    The goods will be delivered by the seller how ever you have requested it.

    You must sign for the goods upon arrival.

    Once you have signed for the goods, you have the inspection period to either accept, or decline or reject the goods.

    The seller will be paid if you accept the goods.

    If declined with in the inspection period you will not pass on the payment within the agreed inspection period.

    This safeguards the buyer from the seller.

    If an Insurance claim is lodged, don’t pass on the goods to the seller.

    Keep the goods in the same condition as they arrived, so that the courier company can inspect them and lay the Insurance claim.

    I           Investigating process.

    Our Feedback System

    Our Feedback system will review the seller’s products and services.

    The buyer and the seller will reply to the emails to keep each other informed on their various steps required.

    If no resolution is reached, both the buyer and seller can cancel the transaction automatically.

    If the Buyer has paid

    If you paid with Paymate or PayPal, you may contact their Paymate’s or PayPal’s customer services to inquire about an "item not as described" claim.

    If you believe you have received an illegal or harmful product, please contact qualified authorities.

    For more information and assistance with PayPal, please visit: PayPal: HelpCenter

    If you have paid via DPS, please contact our Help Support Ticket Centre.

    How Trusttrader works for you.

    If you are a buyer Trusttrader protects you from fraudulent sellers and helps you to buy from trustworthy sellers...

    All buyers and sellers are registered and should be address verified and accredited.

    Beware of sellers who are reluctant to use a trust service and who insist on direct payment for goods.

    Make sure that you use and protect yourself as a buyer by using the trusttrader trustlink service.

    Trusttrader protects you from the seller not sending the goods.


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