Selling FAQ

    Selling FAQ


    Here you will find answers to questions about Selling on

    Becoming an art2trade4 Seller

    How do I become a seller on

    First you will need to register just like a buyer. Care must be taken when choosing your username and etradeshop name.  Your username in art2trade4 will be Once you have registered your seller’s account name. Choosing your Seller and Shop name has been covered under our Shop Name guide Information article. Our registration supports your personal profile for our social art website. Once you have registered, you will need to have a valid Visa, Visa Debit card, or MasterCard, with a credit card logo to become a seller.


    More information about registration can be found at our Registration help guide.


    Who Can Become a Seller?

    Anyone can become a seller as long as you are over the age of 18 years

    Follow our art2trade4 Terms of Use, and the What you Should Do and Should Not Do for more specific information about our membership requirements.


    Can teenagers under the age of 18 have an etradeshop?

    If you are under the age of 18 you may use art2trade4 only under the supervision and permission of a responsible supervising adult, whether it’s your parents, legal guardian, or school teacher supervising other Groups. e.g. for School Art Competitions. This can only be made available, under these legal requirements for all teenagers. We think that teenagers are very innovative, creative, and support many wonderful new ideas, when it comes to contemporary art.


    What is an etradeshop for Sellers?

    Every person or organization who wants to become a seller gets his or her own shop after becoming a member of

    The web address of your etradeshop has a URL for your shop which enables you to share your URL link directly with other people to your products and items that are for sale in your Storefront, which is Password Protected from the public. Products and items that are Not-For-Sale are shown in your Gallery and it is password protected.

    All products and items that are listed show up automatically in your etradeshop gallery or storefront, placed in the public eye under the category that you have listed them in.


    Can I customize my etradeshop?

    Every seller who gets his or her own etradeshop can customize his or her shop appearance with 4 different shop formats and 4 different shop skins which are available from our backend CMS process. Depending upon your type of membership, you will also be able to support other functional tool sets. You can upload banners, direct information sales, give your shop a descriptive title, enter shop information, or enter fresh announcements. All these options are available at the different membership levels.

    At the higher membership level there are tool sets that offer more protection and support, direct other methods of advertising yourself through, slides, Videos, and images for better network connection. You cannot generate an HTML shop for yourself.

    For more information about customizing your shop, see here:

    Help Guide: Setting Up Your Shop

    Seller FAQ: Featured Items in Your Shop

    Seller FAQ: Banners

    Seller FAQ: Shop Sections

    Seller FAQ: Shop Appearance

    I’m not from New Zealand, but from another country, Can I sell on art2trade4.

    Yes you can. You can register, as long has you have a valid credit card, or use the service we recommend you should use to complete the international transaction.

    Can I Change my Username?

    You are unable to change your username on Your username is your URL name, which is your legal trade mark to others.

    Therefore care must be taken in choosing your username.

    You can change it at our discretion. To do that, you will need to contact us through our Support Ticket Centre.

    For further information see our article in What’s in a shop Name,

    Also your Username is your shop name and it cannot be changed.


    Can I set up another Username and cancel my previous account?.

    Yes. You can cancel your account and start another account.

    If you already have an account, we wish to advise you, that, if it is changed by you wanting to set up another account all your previous information relating to that account will be entirely lost. This will include all your feedback reports, complaints, and items sold and all your personal communication. To change, please contact our Support ticket Centre


    Can I have more than one etradeshop?

    You may have more than one etradeshop and more than one account. This is entirely dependent upon the type of membership

    The number of shops is proportional to the same number of accounts. At present we are unable to support branches, this is another way to

    offer support to a person or organization with more than just one location. There are, however, certain policies that must be adhered to

    including full disclosure of all usernames in the profile of each account. Your action under one username will apply to all your accounts.

    If any of the rules are broken from our What We Should Do and Should Not Do Policies of under our Membership Agreements, and Terms of Use all accounts will be cancelled.


    Can more than one person operate an etradeshop?

    An etradeshop operating with more than one person or with a group of people is defined as a Collective Shop.

    Please follow our instruction which cover the policy clearly under our Membership and What We Should Do and Not Do Agreements.

    The person or person with in that organization who registers the account with will be held responsible for all account activity,

    content, fees and communication associated with that will not mediate any disputes between people or others of that group or organization using the same account.


    Can members of another Group have an etradeshop?

    Yes. Others of a group can set up an etradeshop as a collective. Just as above with persons or others in an organization, the same applies with all policy and procedures. However, if the other groups are voluntary groups that have formed a collective then there are special exceptions that apply.Please refer to our What We Should Do and Should Not Do Agreement under Membership.


    Can we use a Visa or Visa Debit card to become an art2trade4 .com seller?

    Yes. You can use a Visa, Visa Debit Card if it has the right type of logo, the card was issued or backed by a bank credit Card company or otherwise you can use a MasterCard to become an seller.


    Paying Fees and Billing?

    When you list an item, there is no fee charge per item or per fee charge per quantity of the items listed. Our membership fees are per year and our percentage commission covers all costs. However, if your set up a separate shop with a separate username with a separate account, there is a separate membership fee based on the type of membership per annum. All fees are in NZ dollars, all listings are not created equal. We have separate number of listings, dependent upon the type of membership taken up by that person or organization. For more information about how our Fees work see Our Help Guide.


    Fees associated with Selling?

    When you sign up as a seller or buyer and a username and account are issued, you will also use a valid Visa, Visa debit Card or MasterCard with a recognized logo, which we will have recorded to your shipping address or personal location address. All charges will be automatically sent through to that address at the time of the sales or purchase. You can also pay your fees when a top-up balance is required with your account based on the number of purchases made to your account. Your account can also be paid optionally either via Paymate or PayPal or with your credit card filed to your account.


    Can I pay my Bill at any time?

    Yes, you can. Your art2trade4 .com account can be paid optionally. We can send you an account at anytime and you can pay either via your credit card or Paymate, which is the service we recommend to use if you’re from overseas. PayPal is not highly recommend or used extensively in New Zealand.


    Is there a minimum amount that I must owe on

    Yes, there is a minimum amount you must owe. operates on a minimum top-up balance that is required based on the number of sales Before you pay your account, the optional amount will be sent to you for payment. All payment can be made directly from your website through the domain.


    Is there a fee for registering to get started?

    Registering until 01st January 2011 is free for the Public membership. After 01st January 2011 you are required to register and choose what type of membership interests you. The membership fees’ structures are based on the options and functionalities that you wish to take up for your etradeshop and storefront. Their is no monthly fee available, only the fees structure for annual membership.



    Is there an Edit Fee for the listing or products and items.

    There is no edit fee for the listing of products and items  There is no editing fee for the increase in quantity of items, However your membership fee is based on the number of items that can be listed. Listing includes the number of images per gallery, description, photos, stories, and makeup.


    What about Credit Card Updates?

    We are not able to provide you with your credit card updates. All notice reminders that your card is about to expire will be provided by your Credit card Company or the bank. When you have updated your credit card, you will need to notify of the need to update the information in your account setting, which we can do immediately for you. Please contact our Support Ticket Centre.


    How are Credit Cards declined and on what basis?

    If you are not using a credit Card with a logo recognizable by us.

    If you have entered the wrong CCV number. This number is the group of numbers on the back of your card. Depending on the type of card, your digit will be 3 to 4 digits. Most cards in New Zealand have 3 digits CCV numbers.

    Your credit card number is not 16 digits long. You may have dropped a number in your entry of information.

    If your card is not working properly, there could be other reasons.

    If you are locked out of the system, wait a while for the system to clear itself.

    All Credit Cards have a minimum transaction rate for local and international exchange.


    What if I have a question about my specific bill? Please contact our Support ticket billing with questions about your personal bill.


    What are my Selling Policies?

    You can sell anything that you like that is listed under our product and itemized categories, subjects, and attributes as long as it all complies with our Terms of Use and our What you Should Do and Should Not Do. Agreements. All products and Items categorized can be vintage, new, renewed, used, conditioned, second hand, crafted, handmade, or manufactured supplies. You are able to sell it on thru your etradeshop and storefront and gallery.

    Commercially produced items should be limited only to our categories, subjects and attributes which support our products and item listings only.

    Illegal products and items are not allowed check out our What You Should DO and Should Not Do Policies Listed.

    Items not in compliance with our policies will be unlisted by the administration.


    What is happen on art2trade4 Front page?

    Our Makeup.

    Newly featured products and images will be changed on a regular basis and selected by our staff on a regular basis, usually by choosing from our interactive multitasking advance search tools to find new items.

    Any item actively listed is likely to be chosen from within the mix to improve our daily appearance.

    This will apply to our website promotions, via video from other etradeshop,

    Editorial from artists and their biographies,  from other products, forums, media RSS stories, and events.


    How long will these products and items remain on the front page?

    We will need to moderate all incoming information and, once approved, there will be regular changes several times a week to provide more exposure.

    As the input increases, these changes are likely to be on a daily basis as more sellers come on board.


    Can I edit my own products and items while they are featured on the front Page?

    Yes you can. You have your own etrade and e-commerce package, which you control.


    What happens if an item is sold out on the Front page?

    The space removed will be replaced by another product and Item.


    How will I become listed on the front page?

    We will look for beauty, inspiration, categories that we are going to prominently support, creating new business Opportunities, environmental protection, trade forums, life style and travel, trade Fairs, interesting descriptions, the best type of featured products, and interesting stories that will capture your imagination and attention.



    Featured Products and items in your etradeshop?

    Sign into Go to your Storefront for Sale featured page.

    All your featured listings will be show in your featured page in your etradeshop showcase.

    When a featured item sells, it will be replaced by another on the list, if there are items being held in reserve.

    If no items are listed it will remain blank once your featured item is sold.

    It will be replaced by another item eventually.


    How many times can I feature?

    You can feature as many times as you like, after one has been sold or is not able to be replaced.


    What about Banners?

    All banners can be added to your shop from our data file editor. The banners must be jpg, png, or gif file format.

    You can position the banners wherever you like within the page space provided.

    What is important is your banner size. The image must be properly sized and saved to your local computer.

    Pixel size is specified on the date file editor for uploading to our pages (760px wide by 100px high)

    A certain amount of skill is required in the banner making, and setting up an avatar when using Photoshop.


     Setting up your myart2trade4 Browser.


    etradeshopping Details setup

    With the various membership shopping profiles, you can show up a certain number of product and item image listings.

    You can create for your public gallery unlimited number of images. This being dependent upon your type of membership.

    You can name them whatever you like from our Categories, Subjects and Attributes.

    Every item that you want to sell is always inside this detailed content page. It covers every aspect in supporting your image profile, detail description, geographic location, size and type of product and item. Once information has been added, this detailed content can change and be upgraded before final acceptance to Make an Offer or for Sale Auction.

    Once the contents and images have been loaded and accepted, no section of the details can be reversed or deleted.

    The various content details’ sections in art2trade4 are entirely independent of all our categories and you are free to organize your own information.


    Can I use the various sections independently?

    First you must enter your username and password to enter your own myart2trade4 browser.

    Enter your membership and you will see your own e-commerce e-business package.

    Under Shop you list your own information and this applies to Galleries and artists.

    All that you are required to do is to follow the screen instructions carefully.

    There are various ways that you can enter your own contents and data information between the various subsection titles.

    Products and Items contents can be individual when listing / editing or by batch sorting from the file editor.

    Batch sorting allows you to multiple list items at the same time for your uploading

    From your file editor you can set to copy and paste from word, create links for emails, hyperlinks, etc.

    Use the file editor for what ever way you find suitable for the listing and batching of your information to set up your etradeshop pages

    for your storefront and galleries.


    Question Section.

    Public Membership

    Can the same item listings appear in more than one subtitle Sections?



    How many listings can I have?

    For the public only: 10.

    For the Private:30.

    For the professional: Unlimited.


    Can I name each listing independently?

    Yes you can. This will not affect any of your other listings.


    Can I change the order or rank of my listings?

    No you can’t. Once you’ve created your listing and accepted it for sale, it cannot be changed in rank or it’s placing of order.


    What about my etradeshop Look and feel?

    The shop name and descriptive test must be kept short, to customize your shop.

    Under shop you can describe your makeup of the shop, make fresh announcements daily and customize to suit

    your shop product and appearance, by selecting 1 of the 4 different shop layouts with 4 different types of coloured skins.

    Your shop title should relate directly to your products, your type of support service and your branding.

    Your shop announcements can show up at the top or the bottom of the sheet.

    It’s entirely up to you how you want to use the text and data editor.

    You can bold out heading and include lowercase text.

    If you are having a special sale, for a weekend or week, it can be changed daily or weekly to suit your requirements.

    You can send out messages to buyers anytime from anywhere, which will alert buyers to your intentions and important information.

    e.g. special sales and when you go on holiday.

    Its entire look, feel in appearance, data and text for information provided are your sole responsibility for your e-business.



    etradeshop Policies


    What are our etradeshop Policies?

    It is the information that you provide to your buyers and sellers that is needed to be known, in order to make an informed purchase from your shop. In this is located at the bottom of your etradeshop page. With art2trade4 each transaction is between the buyer and the seller. Policies include what cannot and can be listed on your site, but it’s up to each seller to determine certain sales terms and conditions for his or her own shop.


    Can I add my shop policy page to his or her Shops?

    You can edit your own shop policy at the time of setting up your shop. There is no special section provided for this. It will appear on your public shop profile.


    Does every seller require a shop policy?

    Shop policies are not required for every shop, but we strongly recommend that each seller, who lists with us, adhere to his or her own policies for exchange of payments, shipping, markups, inclusive of GST and CC attributes and conditions for exchange and returns. These policies that you set will help all buyers to understand your terms and conditions of purchase or supply. This will help to avoid disputes which may arise, if no policy is put in place by the seller. This will save a lot of lost time and will encourage your transaction to run smoothly.


    What extras’ should the seller include in their policy?

    You may want to include additional policies, custom orders, shipping orders, wholesale or retail consignment notes, personal contracts. and variations clauses. We cannot and will not be involved in any of these terms and conditions of your shop policy. We have set our own and we encourage you to read them carefully and to familiarize yourself with them. Before writing your own, go to our Terms of Use and What You Should DO and Should Not Do Policies


    Can a Seller’s Policy override the Polices.

    No it cannot and will not. You set your own shop policy to comply with our own terms of Use.


    Our art2trade4 RSS shop feeders.

    Our etradeshop galleries’ and storefront features support your latest listing of your products and services. Every etradeshop storefront and gallery has linkages to hyperlink its information to our social media events, which has a feed to your profile for your RSS media feed. Your RSS links you to see all over the web.  RSS feeds are a great way to keep tabs on websites that update frequently, like blogs and art2trade4 etradeshop. Word on the street is that RSS stands for "real simple syndication."Every buyer or seller can feature his or her product and Item story under Events. All of this enable you to reach outside to the rest or the world.

    These feeds in Events can show a thumbnail image of your shop, your products and items and can also help you to set up a Google product search for other customers. to reach your products and items for sale.

    Your etradeshop systems provider is your file editor, which enables you to reach out to other third parties services, helps you to create an email feeder and your own newsletter whenever you list new products and items. You can even use it to schedule item information, listing pages that can link to Google search


    Your Google Listings

    Is a place where you can submit your content to make it more searchable for others to find your products and item’s. Scheduling your Google items uploads is a great way and easily accessible way to create your shop feeder to others.


    How will this work for me?

    You will need to set up a Google Account to get started.

    Log into Google Base:

    Using your file Editor under Setting Up Tabs, use the website URL section to fill out your art2trade4 URL etradeshop address.

    Complete your URL attachment to display your etradeshop address.


    (More work on how this happens needs to be shown here)

    Google Base features.

     What is Google Base?

    Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content, which we'll make searchable on Google.(if your content isn't on-line yet, we'll put it there). You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. In fact, based on your items' relevance, users may find them in their results for searches on Google Product Search and even our main Google web search.


    Quick Facts about Google Base

    Cost: Free

    How to Submit: You can submit information about all types of on-line and off-line content to Google Base, by either the standard web form or, if you have more than 10 items to submit, via a data feed. When you submit information via the web form, you can attach up to 15 digital files in the following formats: PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Text (.txt), HTML (.html), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Word Perfect (.wpd), ASCII, Unicode and XML. Please note: the files you upload may not exceed 20 megabytes total in size and we reserve the right to review all items in order to ensure they comply with the Google Base Terms and Conditions.

    Languages: Google Base is currently available in English and German interfaces.

    Reach: Items you submit to Google Base might be found on Google properties like Google or Google Product Search.

    How it's different: Google Base enables you to add attributes describing your content, so that searchers can find it easily. The more popular individual attributes become, the more often we'll suggest them when others post the same items. Similarly, items that become more popular will show up as suggested item types in the Choose an existing item type drop-down menu.

    Your Listings of Products and items

    All listings are searchable from our general search or from our advance search functions.

    All listings of product and items have a quantity of (1) one to sell or not to sell.

    The listing is removed after the item has been sold. It will be replaced by another item immediately.

    When listing, you must click the finish button, otherwise it will become inactive.

    An item can be relisted again from your upgrade button for almost everything that you want to show.

    All items have an expiry date. You are able to select this date when listing your content.

    If the transaction has been cancelled, the listing of the content details will be cancelled from the sold items or buyers page.

    art2trade4 admin may have removed the items and its contents.

    You will need to check your email inbox for messages sent to you from art2trade4 amino contact us via our Support Ticket Centre.


    Your listing Questions and Answers.


    When does my listing expire?

    It expires after the date you have set for the Auction for make-an-offer, or if the date had been changed and renewed.


    Can I change the ranking of my Listings?

    No, you cannot. Shoppers can choose to sort their items in the order that they want them. Once set, this ranking of order cannot be changed.


    Can I have multiple size listings?

    No, you can not. We have one order of set sizes for all listings, whether individual or for batching.


    How do I allow the public to see my etradeshop?

    You can type in your username directly into another web browser address bar, or you can use your password for someone else to see your products and items within your own ebusiness services.


    If I delete a listing will it affect my other listings?

    No, it will not. It will only affect your others listings, only if you cancel your account


    How do I edit my Listings for my content and photos for the products and items?

    First you must set up an etradeshop for your storefront and galleries.

    Shop and galleries are separate subtitles for your contents and images.

    This will step, you through the 5 steps for listing of your contents.

    All products and items images are entered under the subtitle of Publish New Artwork after choosing your gallery.

    After choosing your type of category and or description of your gallery, you can then enter your contents under details for your products’ and items’ description.

    Your next step is to enter your images and once confirmed you can select your optional choice of sale.

    Make sure that you click Next for each step, when you have finished editoring.

    A preview for each step is available before final acceptance of confirmation.


    Creating a New listing (add-on items) step (1).


    Are there walk through steps for the listing of your contents?

    Yes, there are.


    Subtitle lengths.

    Keep them short and specific to your personal ID for marketing.


    How long can a description be?

    Very long. The maximum is 3000 characters


    Can I use tags to help locate my products and images?

    Yes, you can. All contents and images descriptions can have page tags.

    Enter all tags using single words, separated by common speech marks. e.g. “word”


    My material words.

    All material words or keywords can be searched under any material word used in the speech marks of the listings of the content from our advance search features


    What are tags?

    Tags are a single word or multiple words for keywords that attach to an item on the listing page.

    Tags help buyers and sellers to find the items that they require.

    Your ranking and listing of your tags is important to your search.

    There’s no specific number of usage of tags for the different types of membership.

    Just choose the right tag to describe your item accurately.

    Don’t use tags that don’t relate directly to your product or item.


    Paying fees

      Is art2trade4 in NZ Dollars?

    Yes it is. All prices shown will need to be shown in NZ Dollars.

    Prices from other countries will need to be converted to NZ Dollars.


    How will my currency be converted?

    We currently have no automatic conversion. Currency conversion, such as money orders, or credit cards, needs to be calculated by you.

    Our DPS financial system handles all sales’ transactions for New Zealand and Australian exchange rates conversion. For overseas we recommend customers to use Paymate. Multi-currency conversion is available from our National Australian Bank and the Bank of New Zealand.

    If you use PayPal, it will automatically convert your concurrency, but you must set up a separate account with PayPal in order to do this.


    Create a new listing (add Items) Step 4

    Go into myart2trade4 Browser

    All products’ and items images are entered under the subtitle of Publish New Artwork

    After choosing your gallery, your type of category and or description of your gallery, you can then enter your contents under details for your products’ and items’ description.

    Pass from Content details to Images. Upload.

    Click on the Browse button and locate the image on your computer.

    Upload your thumbnail image and it will show up in the image page.


    Your Image from your computer

    All uploaded images must come from your computer.

    You can also edit and remove your images from your listing at anytime.

    On listing and editing your items to the image page, you can rearrange them in the order that suits you before the final confirmation.

    The number of images accepted in the uploading to your gallery is dependent upon the type of membership you have chosen.

    Images can also be removed at anytime of the preview. But not after the final confirmation.


    Create a new listing (Add Items) step 5

    Reviewing your posting before final confirmation.


    If I don’t click “Confirm” what happens to my listing?

    If you don’t click “next”, when you have finished your listing, everything will be lost. You will need to start all over again.


    Can I edit my item after confirming my listings?

    Yes, you can. You can edit a listing at anytime before it sells or expires.


    Where does my listing appear?

    Every confirmed listing of items will appear in your located username and etradeshop name. as http://username, in the relevant level of the category or subject selected and in the search results and sub-categories.


    Payment methods


    How do I choose my payment methods?

    Go into your myart2trade4 browser, enter your e-commerce e- business the Members Centre, select your Personal Information and go into your My Accounts. Then just follow your screen instructions in adding the required information.


    Payments for Listings Sold.

    All listing sold items use the same payment profile from our DPS financial services.

    You need to exercise care in this area, because your payment profile will affect every single listing in your account.


    Shipping Options.


    Shipping conditions.

    Shipping conditions are mainly specified in the contents’ Detail Section, after you have specified whether you want to go to an Auction or Make an Offer for your sale of the product or item.

    Shipping cost is a separate cost from the cost of the item.

    The shipping conditions and the terms are set by the buyer or seller as part of your Shop Policy.

    The buyer and the seller can nominate their condition as to who is likely to pay at the time of specifying the type of sale conditions.

    This is then edited as part of the shipping profile at the time of your confirmation.

    After editing your shipping profile, it can be updated at anytime by going to your inventory listing and update section.

    You can combine your shipping rate after the event of the item purchased with other orders at the same time.*

    However, you must enter a combined rate on all the listings at this time.*


    Relisting or Renewing a Product or item


    Renewing an item means restarting the life of an item on

    The item will be given a new listing date and a new expiry date and it will be ranked in the order in which it will appear in the art2tade4 etradeshop’s. As it is a new listing it will be placed into the features page as a new listing.


    When can items be renewed?

    You can renew an item at anytime, even before its expiry date.


    If I renew an item where will it appear?

    It will appear at the top of the selected category page.


    Image Help requirements


    What Browsers are the images compatible with?


    All images and text information are compatible with all browsers on the internet.

    Images are being supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome for PC’s

    For the Mac environment images are being supported by Linux Opera and Safari.


    All image files are being supported at 2MB per image or 400 by 400 Pixels *

    Ensure that all your images have been correctly encoded to support jpg, gif, or png.


    What is the largest file size allowed for my photo?

     It can be up to 2mb, though that is rather huge. Most images should be around 250k


    What resolution should my photo be?

    Every image on the web is displayed at 73dpi (dots per inch). Anything greater than that will create very large file sizes, without adding anything to the quality.

    What dimensions should my uploaded photo be?

     The minimum size for your photo should be 430 pixels wide (with variable height). We recommend using an image that is around 800 - 1000 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size lets your customers use the Zoom button to see the larger image.*

    What size (dimensions) are the thumbnails and gallery images?

      Thumbnails are either 45 or 45 pixels square.

    Gallery and Shop images thumbnails image Members Centre Minimum 100 x 100 pixels.

    Featured page images are (1300 by 564px) = 194.08 KB or 198733bytes

    Are watermarks acceptable on my photos?

    All watermarks have been made available to protect your rights at the professional membership level only
    you are welcome to use them. We recommend you use them.*


    What size (dimensions) do my photos appear in the listing?*
    the detail image in all item listings is 564 pixels wide. We retain the aspect ratio of your original, so the height is variable*.

    Do you have any advice for helping me improve my product photography?

    Good quality photos are a very important aspect of selling successfully on


    Sold Transactions

    When you make a sale from either the Auction or Make-an-offer the seller is notified immediately of the purchase. It will contain all the information pertinent to the conditions of the purchase, the number of items sold, its payment method, and its shipping method that has been agreed to by either party, the buyer’s name and address and when it is to be sent. Your order will be sent to you via email. Add to your email addresses just to make sure your sales does not get caught in any spam filter.


    How am I notified of the sale?

    If you look under your myart2trade4 browser from your Members Centre for Buyer and go to Items I lost or Items I Won, there will be a record showing the product ID, price and final price and the finished closing date.


    Can I download a spreadsheet of all my transactions?

    Not at present only if requested.. There is a link in your myart2trade4 browser where you will find all your transaction results under Payment History. DPS has management records for all individual users which are in a spreadsheet form. All results are in an Excel or Open Office format, which can be downloaded if requested.


    Buyers Payments

    Most Buyers’ payments will be transitioned immediately via our DPS financial system. art2trade4 will notify the seller immediately via email that a successful sale has been completed.


    How does the buyer pay me?

    In whatever way you and the buyer have agreed on in the terms and condition of the purchase of the sale.

    Accepted methods of payment

    Go to and see accepted credit card logos and set them up from there.


    Who Invoices the buyer?

    We will send an email invoice to the buyer giving detailed descriptions of the agreed purchase transaction. If payment is to be made via PayMate or PayPal we can also send the buyer an invoice of the purchase transaction.

    Here are the PayPal Steps to invoice your transaction.

    Go to and login to your account.

    Click the "Request Money" tab.

    Click "Create an Invoice" in the header.

    Select "New Invoice" from the drop-down menu and press the "Continue" button.

    On this page, you will enter in all the details of the transaction, as noted above. For "Invoice Type," select "Goods." Press "Continue" when you've got all the information entered.

    Review the invoice. Make sure everything is accurate and then press "Send Invoice."

    You can save a template of the invoice you just sent, if you think it will be a common transaction.


    Promoting your art2trade4 etradeshop.

    art2trade4 promotion for your etradeshop is being supported via video, slides, images, and audio.

    These links are not available at the public or private levels of the membership. We encourage you to make your own videos using other website bandwidth and cut and paste your promotion or your advertising into our webpage. All etradeshop’s have this linkage provided and the viewing of the promotion will be shown on our main front page, when you want to hear and see it.

    The other type of promotion that we will be supporting for your advertising is adcasting. Adcasting supports images, slides, and video.

    Adcasting is our paid advertising for your etradeshop. Sellers can purchase a spot and promote themselves, their products and items.

    Adcasting is linked directly to our front page and other pages on the site and the featured items are found on other pages.

    Our pricing in this category is still being worked on.*


    Other types of promotions

    Your can add your favourite shop or images to “My favourites”.

      You will be able to use to promote your shop to others, formed when you set up your own profile and otherpersonal,social.

      website    URL addresses.


    Disputes and other problems from transactions.

    Your very first attempt is to make direct contact with the person. If you are able to reach an agreeable settlement that’s really good.

    If you believe that the feedback is negative and not positive and has been entirely rejected, please get in contact with our support group


    using our Support Ticket.

    Your e-business package manages all your Feedback and Complaints between buyer and seller.

     Feedback has been set up to show levels of credit ratings, on what has been sent to seller or buyer from products, username, contents, status, results and date from sales made. Complaints can be fully recorded and shown in the mode that has been received by the buyer or seller. Therefore the boundaries of the negative or positive responses can be carefully qualified independently by the buyer and the seller. If you feel that there has been any form of violation please refer to our policies.



    How do I cancel a transaction that has been violated?

    Please file a report using your Support Ticket. Please read through carefully the policy from our What We Should Do and Should Not Do under transactions about when to filing your report.


    How do I get a refund for an incomplete transaction?

    If the buyer has failed to pay your transaction fee, we will not take any percentage and if the listing has been shown as having been removed due to the sale, we will relist your product and item, so that you don’t lose your listing descriptions. Be sure to leave feedback promptly, about the purchaser.


    How do I receive the refunding?

    It will appear on your art2trade4 billing as a credit. All percentage fees refunded are shown separately.


    How do I know that my transaction percentage fee was refunded?

    We will send you an email receipt for the refund, when the transaction sale is cancelled. You will see that credit, which you can view in your Management Trade Record.


    Web Analysis

    Tracking my Shipping?

    After setting up your listing of your products and items, our Advance Search enables you to track your contents via your transportation between buyer and seller, using your pricing, dates, titles of content, transaction type, or your keywords in relationship to country location, area, and category. subject and attributes.


    Also you can use Google Analytics to help you with your tracking of your etradeshop. Your etradeshop will have its own URL address, which you can use.


    Go to Google Analytics to see how it can be used at Where can I find my tracking code?
    This is a direct help guide for you to track your own etradeshop. It takes Google 24 hours for them to produce your report.

    Check to make sure that your report is there.


    The reports from Google Analytics
    Like many other web analytics tools, Google Analytics does a good job of outlining trends and helping you to understand how your customers view your etradeshop.


    Accuracy on Reporting

    However, reports are not 100% accurate due to a number of factors, such as users closing browsers and timeouts waiting from Google Analytics. Also, depending on how Google categorizes sites on the web, you will find referral data that cannot be tracked back to the referring website.

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