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    Registering & Signing In

    How to start on

    Your first step to get is your welcome to my art2trade4 com. To do this, you need to register on the link at the top on your left hand side below in the Sign-In section. You will need to register a valid email address, using a unique username and a password. Your username is your etradeshop name and you can use numbers and letters, both being upper or lowercase. Usernames are not case sensitive, but your password and new password are. Sellers must exercise care when choosing their username. Once chosen it cannot be reversed. Your username is your shop name and with it you must have a valid Visa, Visa Debit, or a credit card with recognized logos. For further details, see our Selling FAQ, for more information about being a seller.


    art2trade4 is an etrade e-commerce site, which is your e-business for all buyers and sellers. To use our site you must be over the age of 18 or you must have parental permission. You will need to familiarize yourself with our Membership Policy our rules in the Terms of Use and the What We Should Do and Should Not Do before registering.


    See our step by step guide for your registration for an account.You can not go any further in viewing the front pages unless you sign-in. If you do not sign in, you will not have an active account.

    Once you have signed in and submitted to us your personal details, we will send you a confirmation email. The email that we will send you will have an encryption code of 32 numbers and letters. This is your genuine unique identifier and can relate only to you. All you have to do is click the confirmation link in this email to get you started. Your next email confirms your link and welcomes you to art2trade4.


    If the link does not welcome you, might have mistyped a letter with the caps on. Make sure that your cap lock is off, as the signin is case sensitive.


    It pays you to copy and paste your confirmation email page to your browser or to your bookmarks or save only. This is in case you may need to resend the email or you may want to go back to your sign In page. It pays you to keep your (GUI code) access available for back up for re-entry to your welcome to myart2trade4 Browser page. If you cannot remember your password, just click on the forgot password in the sign-in under your password box. art2trade4 will email a new page, which allows you to enter your username and answer the following questions from your original registration. You will be asked to enter your security question and show its answer. If all questions have been answered correctly, we will send you the page to change your password. You can then change your password to something that you can remember by going to your account page.


    If you cannot remember your username, go to sign-in and enter the email address you used to sign in for the account. We will send you an email with your username on it.


    If you have forgotten both your, username and password and or email, you will need to be able to verify to us proof of ownership of your account. If you have lost all information, you will have to register with us again or contact us through our Support Ticket Centre.


    Your art2trade4 Account

    For your account you may encounter similar problems as above. Changing passwords, changing email addresses, It is most important to keep all your addresses, up to date at all times. We use these addresses to contact you about your accounts. We can not use old email addresses that have been used on another account. All email addresses can be brought directly up to date by you reassigning into your account and following the screen instructions.


    Once an account has been set up it will support all your information about everything that you have requested or actioned on your site.

    If you want to delete an account, you will lose all your current and previous information. To request this, you will need to contact us directly, via Your Support Ticket and making sure that you use your correct username and password. We can close your account for you, so that you can open a new one. But you will need to use a new email address and password and none of the previous information will be carried over to the new account. For security reasons usernames and passwords cannot be reused, once they are in the system.


    You can however have more than one account. Special rules apply to these accounts for multiple account holders. Please see our Terms of Use and our What We should do and Should Not Do for more information.


    My emails are not getting through

    There are a few things that you should be able to check up on.Make sure you are using the right email address because you may have several that you are using.Check your spam folder, to see if your email has been diverted to this section.To protect yourself, it pays to have all your emails bookmarked and  entered into a separate email address book. Enter all our email addresses where we are able to offer you our support and assistance. We are still to have these listed. for support from art2trade4 for registration. Then there is our personal addresses.  

    Lets us know if you think that we are missing an email from art2trade4 by contacting us at Support Ticket Centre.


    Your Public profile.

    You can use your own image or an avatar to show your own social profile in also you can do the same thing in our Community forum profile. You will not need to do it in other places, because your profile will show up in all your personal ebusiness pages and from our browsers pages. Having your profile on every page adds an element to your identity and it should complement your username and etradeshop name.


    To add your personal profile or avatar there is a small image that comes from your computer to show up in your ebusiness and other places throughout the site and our community forums. Your profile is added at the same time that you are registering your personal details. go to browse in registration, locate your image, on your computer, then click and save the image. It will come up in your myart2trade4 Browse folder, .showing the time that you signed in and the date.


    You can use various types of image manipulation applications like Abode Photoshop. Your pixel size will be a small 90 By 90 pixel in size at 73 dpi resolutions. Other file formats that can be used are Jpg; gif, and png. Your public profile also supports your hobbies, interests, and about me. Your personal biography and your personal and social website URLs and ID are accounted for separately in your own profile makeup page.


    You can not create your own HTML profile. We have designed our website to provide for you your own visual personal experience.

    With your local profile of your etradeshop, you have other functionalities that can be added to support your features of the site. We have not made any provision at this time to show your etradeshop locations. Locations can be added, if you are able to copy and paste from a Google location map site. Location profile does help the buyer to know from where you are shipping.


    New Site Features for your etradeshop

    art2trade4 Features

    Our front page supports the make up of your etradeshop Gallery and Storefront All pages are tagged.


    Our Tag Features.

    Tags are single or multiple words for keywords, that attach to an item on the listing page.

    Tags help buyers and sellers to find the items that they require.

    Your ranking and listing of your tags is important to your search.

    There is no specific number of usage of tags for the different types of membership.

    Just choose the right tag to describe your item accurately.

    Do not use tags that do not relate directly to your product or item.


    Our Communication Features

     art2trade4 Communication (Familiar Voices) Familiar Voices is our messaging system. It is a great way to be able to communicate with all our registered members, especially those who wish to carry out a transaction. You can use your Inbox from your myart2trade4 browser. This is found in your messaging system from your internal home page. You can send and receive messages from other registered members. To avoid spammers from getting to your internal messaging system, you should use your own email to communicate with others outside our membership.


    Our Community Forums Features.

    Our Community Forum is a big part of our social community network space. There are public bulletin boards available for all members to discuss all the aspects of the website on a variety of topics and interests. If you wish, you can set up your own avatar, and your own personal profile separate from your myart2trade4 Browser. We recommend you to get used to our new etradeshop storefront and galleries before reporting about the many other things that you would like to see us do. All new suggestions on site advice about running an etradeshop will be listened to. Please remember that this new website. We will take on board all commendations and work through them slowly. The community forums are also a place where others can reach out and talk to people in the community. Our community forum is to be found on our front page under Community.


    Our Favourite Features

    If and when you like something from our website, from within an etradeshop storefront or gallery, you can bookmark it and add it to your Favourites.

    If you wish to have your Favourites, you can add them to your Wishlist.  You can use your Favourites to set up your own fan base of other artists. To view your Favourites go to your myart2trade4 Browser Home / Favourites. You can also browse their your favourites’ links from their profile. By linking into their profile, you are able to view their products and services and their art works. Under Favourites in your Watchlist you can view all favourite listings, of other products and artists

    We currently have no options to your Favourites. It can only be private. It can not be made available to the public.


    Other supporting Features

    We are providing many different tools to help buyers and sellers to purchase or supply to an etradeshop. These are the traditional features for searching and browsing all the categories, subjects and attributes. Our innovative features will support flash and Abode Photoshop for our etradeshop designs. With our shop there are different layouts and different types of coloured skins. All etradeshop’ support the listing type of your categories, special daily notices, new products and items and features of products, with direct messaging and video for copying and paste from other websites like You Tube.


    The art2trade4 Search bar

    The search bar is at the very top of your front page and slightly to the right. The search bar is contextual, based on the part of the site that you are in.

    If you are looking for a product or item in the marketplace, choose our search bar first. If you are unsuccessful, then use our Advance Search functionalities.

    A user can use multiple words to find what he or she is looking for. If however, you want to find an etradeshop or owner use our Advance Search tool separate entries.

    Do not use _minus sign; % percentages; or exclamation marks, they will not return any different types of results. Enclosing a word or phrase will help you find what you are looking for.  Tags, titles and page tags and keyword search will help look for matches in tags (keywords) and items titles.


    Adcasting Features for art2trade4

    Our adcasting is our paid advertising programme for art2trade4 etradeshop. Sellers and buyers can purchase a spot to promote their products and items on the site. There are different types of adcasting promotions for slides, videos, images, and texts all of which are linked directly to the front page of our site.

    The different prices for CPC, CPM, and CPR are still being designed. All our features will be available from our CMS backend.


    art2trade4 etradeshop.

    Anyone can form his or her own local virtual etradeshop. How well you do this is based on how you set up the information for your buyers and sellers.

    If you are able to market yourself well and provide valid information about your products and items, location, branding, and marketing you will have a good response to your shop layout. There is a lot of optional information that you can use to provide details to sellers, so you will need to be creative, inspirational, and innovative and open in your communication processes. By keeping your information up to date by profile, biography, place, town, city, region, country, continent, or other places you can think of, you are helping others to find your etradeshop.


    Your art2trade4 Listing.

    The listing for your products and items and etradeshop can be searched and recognized by the other people and organizations from anywhere in the world. People and other organizations will be able to search by place, town, city, region, country and it will pop up anywhere in the globe. Every etradeshop’s profile is a profile of the owner or an avatar for the etradeshop location. You can also search where your product or item is anywhere in the world, from where it has been shipped and to where it is being shipped.

    You can see in your myart2trade4 Browser under Sellers Trade Records.


    art2trade4 Gift Features.

    Your products and items can also be a gift to your buyers or sellers. This is set in your profile at the time of your biography. This is optional and it is meant to help shoppers

    to buy the perfect gift. As the website develops and more profiles are established, more favourable gifts will be made available.( Not available yet ) ( This is not currently available )


    art2trade4 RSS features.

    An RSS feed is a good way to keep track of your news and contents to a website etradeshop. Our Front Page News listing for artists, products, galleries, and subjects are all events related which has a direct RSS feeder to the outside world. Your profile and the story behind the products and items of your etradeshop can be a way of promoting yourself to the rest of the world. Your new products and items can be listed here for direct promotions.


    Your etradeshop promotions and its feed can be linked directly to Google Base

    What is Google Base?" New*
    Google Base
    is a place to submit content to make it searchable on Google. Scheduling uploads of your items to Google Base is a great way to help Google, specifically Google Product Search, find your items. You can use your art2trade4 etradeshop feed to schedule uploads of your shop items to Google Base. Google Product Search is accessible via the 'Shopping' link on the upper left of any Google search page. Learn more about Google Base.
    How do I use my etradeshop feed to submit items to Google Base?” You can schedule regular uploads of items from your etradeshop feed to Google Base by following these instructions:*

    Log into Google Base with your Google account.*

    Click "Data Feed" under "Get Started."*

    Under the Settings tab, set the Website URL to the full URL of your art2trade4 etradeshop (e.g., =  Complete the Display Name, Description, Timezone and Expiration Time fields and click "Save Changes."


    Your Feedback?

    In your myart2trade4 Browser under feedback, you may leave information about your purchaser or seller. Your feedback system has a rating

    of 1 to 4 which enables you to leave positive or negative comments about the customers. We support the following for your credit rating: Very good, good evaluation between that and Poor evaluation. This enables others to review the Seller’s products and services. Your credit rating must be an honest appraisal from your overall experiences. You will have a certain time period in which to leave your comments after the transaction. You can leave feedback information about products and items, quality of service and communication. You can leave your feedback after you have received your payment from the purchaser. There are circumstances where feedback can be removed by our administration staff. Please read through our What We should DO and Should Not Do.


    What happens if I’ve left feedback on the wrong person?

    If you have left feedback on the wrong person, you can use your Support ticket Centre to notify us immediately. There is no fixed time in which this is to be reported. Your feedback rating is rounded to the nearest whole number. This will apply also to negative feedback. Feedback is shown as percentages in terms of the evaluation.


    Site Abuse

    The rules that apply have been covered in your Selling FAQ and legally in our Terms of Use and the site policies for the What We Should Do and Should Not Do. Of the art2trade4 .com

    In the case of violations, please contact us. We take such matter seriously and we act upon them immediately.

    If you see something that you consider is inappropriate or not in good taste and does not comply with our standards of Community Care please use your Support Ticket to notify us.

    If any of our site policies are broken, we will first and foremost try to work out something with the customer. If we are unsuccessful in reaching an understanding, we will remove all the customer’s privileges and cancel his or her registration, which will remove his or her account.


    art2trade4 API features

    Unfortunately has not been able at this present time to develop Application programming Interface (API’S) for its site. We do have unique date software capabilities, but we are unable to allow other software developers to build new applications based on our data.We will allow for Public API’s development in the future.

    More Help

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