Member Guidelines

    Member Guidelines


    Please read this page carefully, as it explains what the Art2trade4 e-business guidelines for members. These policies apply only to If you still have questions after reading these policies, please check out our Support Ticket Section or feel free to contact Us. We support an open door Policy


    More Help: |General FAQ | Selling FAQ | Buying FAQ

    We expect all members of art2trade4 to treat each other with respect and kindness (including art2trade4 staff). Remember that behind every username is a real person with feelings. Your username on art2trade is your identity. You are responsible for your conduct and all content submitted under your username on art2trade4.

    By joining art2trade4, all members agree to abide by the policies outlined here and in the Terms of Use.

    You must be at least 18 years of age to hold an account on art2trade4. If you are under 18, you must have the permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years of age; that adult is responsible for the account.

    You may not use profane or racist language or images in your username, avatar and/or public profile.

    You may not transfer ownership or sell your art2trade4 account to another party.

    Usernames cannot be changed except in the event of documented legal action (such as trademark infringement) at art2trade4 discretion. Choose your username carefully.

    An art2trade4 account cannot be used for the sole purpose of redirecting traffic to another web location, even if it is another art2trade4 account. Please contact Support Ticket to have your account closed, if you are no longer using it.

    Keep your account information updated and accurate. Your account must have a valid email address at all times. art2trade4 will use the email address on file in your account information to contact you when necessary.

    art2trade4 encourages all members to resolve their own disputes. As a venue, art2trade4 cannot mediate disputes between members or other parties.

    Breaking any of art2trade4’s policies may result in suspension of account privileges and/or account termination. This includes all of your accounts by virtue of association. In other words, art2trade4 reserves the right to suspend the use of the site for a person and all username(s) he/she operates under.


    Multiple accounts held by one person

    Having more than one account is not acceptable to art2trade4, as it has the potential to cause confusion. Keep in mind, that accounts cannot be merged in any way, so if you change your mind later, you will not be able to transfer information (such as listings, feedback, or purchase history) from one account to another.

    All of your usernames must be clearly disclosed in the public profile for each account. A statement such as, "I am also on art2trade4 under these usernames "would be acceptable. This includes all buying and selling accounts, as well as any collective accounts in which you are involved.

    You may not use an alternate account to purchase items from yourself.

    Art2trade4 will not issue refunds for accidental activity stemming from multiple account ownership, like listing items in the wrong shop.

    You may not list the same category products or items in more than one shop at a time on art2trade4.

    Multiple people using a single account (collective shops)

    An account that involves more than one person is called a collective. There are two scenarios, in which a number people, who know each other, may use a single


    art2trade4 account.

    Artists, Creative Practitioners and organizations combine their skills to make and list specific products in an art2trade4 shop. For example:

    Multiple artisans, who know each other, use a single art2trade4 account to post their own separate work in one shared shop. For example: Two friends, a landscaper and a furniture maker, share a art2trade4 shop to sell their work together.

    A collective may not be an entity that represents multiple artists by contract (e.g., gallery, a consignment shop, or an art agency/dealer). 

    The individual who registers the account is responsible for all activities of the account, the bill and any transaction reports.

    If any of art2trade4’s policies are violated by a member of a collective, all accounts registered to members of the collective are subject to suspension of privileges and/or account termination. art2trade4 will not mediate disputes between individuals within a collective.



    More Help: General FAQ 

    Communications (also called "Familiar Voices") are your way to communicate privately with other art2trade4 members. Think of it as email just for art2trade4. Communications is intended for communicating about transactions. Members may also use Communications to build friendly relationships with one another, seek advice or discuss team activities. Please use common sense when giving out personal information to others via your communications.

    You may not use communications to send unsolicited advertising or "spam." (Your shop  item must have the right type of person, if you are to send an invitation to  communicate with that person.)

    You may not use any form of communications to harass or abuse another member. (If someone explicitly tells you not to contact them, you must not contact them again.)

    art2trade4’s spam bot may automatically disable you from sending new messages, if you are suspected of sending spam (e.g., sending a large number of familiar Voices in a very short amount of time). You must contact our Support Ticket immediately, to have your ability to send communications reinstated. Misuse of communications may result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination of your art2trade4’s account(s).



    art2trade4’s role is to connect the buyer and the seller via our internal domain. We are a place where people and organizations are able to meet to conduct business. We are not a retailer or wholesaler. This means that when you place an order on art2trade4, you are entering into a direct transaction and personal relationship with an individual seller (facilitated by art2trade4’s internal domain).

    Communication is the key to a smooth transaction, and we encourage buyers and sellers to use our communication processes to work out any details or problems that may arise.

    Additionally, sellers may post important information in their shop announcement, shop policy page, public profile or listing description to better inform buyers. Sellers will generally have individual policies for shipping, returns/exchanges and refunds posted on their shop policy pages.

    Outlined below are the site-wide policies for transactions.


    Buying an item

    More Help: Buying FAQ 

    art2trade4 is a marketplace, where you can buy products and items of any art form or art type of work under any category, subject and attribute, where artisan and craftsman can come to your community, to create their own etradeshop and storefront and gallery to find, to create, to grow, to chat, to supply where you can buy and sell Art and products.

    When you purchase an item on art2trade4, you agree to pay the seller for the item. Do not purchase items for which you do not intend to pay.

    art2trade4 will notify the seller, that the transaction has been made successfully by the buyer. The buyer must send the payment directly to the seller (not to art2trade4).

    It is the buyer's responsibility to pay the seller. If you choose to pay via your bank account or visa, please send payment right away. If you are paying by Visa debt card or money order (or other mailed payment), we will send a communication or email to the buyer to make arrangements for payment to the seller


    Helping others: | General FAQ 

    You can request items or products that you want to buy, or a member can post a request for a product or item under our categories and subjects and sellers submit bids to create the item. It's a great way to transform your creative ideas into tangible objects! All the standard policies for art2trade4’s transactions apply to helping others for buyers who want to buy, plus a few special policies as noted below. You can also request custom items directly from a specific seller on art2trade4. under Our Wanting to Buy Section.

    Helping others is for requesting products and items only. Do not use our want to buy to request commercial supplies, for other types of products, other than what is under our categories and subjects. These products and items whether vintage, old, or new can be used to help other charities (such as charitable donations).

    A helping others wanted request transaction is a sales agreement. You must follow through on the terms of the agreement, just like any other art2trade4’s transaction.

    Once a transaction has been initiated via a wanted to buy request, you must complete the sale on art2trade4. Moving the transaction off art2trade4 is considered fee avoidance.

    Helping others is not a classified advertising space. Do not create requests for items or services unrelated to art2trade4 (e.g., personal employment opportunities, or finding room space to rent).

    Don't use helping others to request pornography, illegal items or anything that would otherwise violate art2trade4’s policies.

    Helping others requests are subject to art2trade4’s Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy regarding any intellectual property disputes.

    You must obtain permission from art2trade4 prior to creating items that use art2trade4 marks (name, logo, etc). Please refer to the art2trade4’s Trademark Permissions Program e.g. our Eco Life Force on Tee shirts, Stationary, Tableware, are all under our licences of our whimsical name of Mystic Treats. ( Not in service yet)

    If a helping others request is in violation of site policy, we may ask you to modify the request or we may delete it entirely. Transaction disputes stemming from Helping others (i.e., cancelled sales, non-payment, non-delivery, feedback issues) will be handled as regular art2trade4’s transactions.


    Problems with a transaction

    More Help: | Buying FAQ | Selling FAQ 

    We hope that your shopping experience on art2trade4 is a cool inspiration for you all. We hope it’s hassle free with no complications. Any time there is a possible issue with a transaction art2trade4 encourages the buyer and seller to communicate with each other about the problem via their communications. Since the transaction is between buyer and seller, it is best for the two parties to work it out together.


    There are a few reasons a transaction may be reported to art2trade4.

    If payment is not sent within a reasonable amount of time and the buyer has not responded to the seller's attempts at communication, then the seller may cancel the transaction (i.e. cancellation for non-payment, reported by the seller).

    If the seller cannot authenticate the buyer's identity, then the seller may cancel the transaction (i.e., suspected fraud, reported by the seller).

    If the buyer does not receive the item in a timely manner and the seller has not responded to the buyer's attempts at communication, then the buyer may file a report about the transaction (i.e. non-delivery, reported by the buyer).

    Defaulting on transactions may result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination. Be sure to stay in contact with us through our Support Ticket if you have an open transaction report.



    More Help:| General FAQ | Selling FAQ

    Feedback is a way to establish a reputation of trust for both buyers and sellers. For every transaction, the buyer and seller have the opportunity to submit a positive, neutral or negative rating and write an optional comment.

    Consistency, fairness and honesty are critical to the integrity of the feedback system. Members are encouraged to use the feedback system. Feedback directly affects a member's reputation as a buyer or seller, so please take it seriously.

    How to help each other allows buyers and sellers to change negative or neutral feedback, if both parties agree. This is useful, if a situation is remedied, after feedback has been left by one or both sides of a transaction. If you have a change of heart, please offer to support, help and remedy the situation. You can use Help each other at any time after feedback has been left (if the transaction has not been cancelled).

    Members have 30 days from the date they receive feedback to have art2trade4 review it for removal. At art2trade4’s discretion, feedback may be removed or altered in the following circumstances.

    Private information was published

    Abuse or harassment of a member

    Use of profane or racist language or images

    Spam or advertising

    Deliberate or (fraudulent inflation of feedback rating by use of an alternate account)

    Feedback comments on a different member's transaction

    Obvious misuse of the feedback system (e.g. buyer leaves negative feedback immediately after purchase and is unresponsive to communication)

    Members with low feedback ratings will be subject to review and account privileges may be suspended and/or terminated



    More Help: | Selling FAQ I Buy FAQ I

    art2trade4 is a marketplace where you can buy products and items of any art form or art type of work under any category, subject and attribute, where artisan and craftsman can come to your community, to create their own e-tradeshop and storefront and gallery, to find, to create, to grow, to connect, to chat, to supply and where you can buy and sell Art and products.

    Most shops belong to individuals, but a small group can run an art2trade4 e-tradeshop as a collective (see Membership for more information).


    Shop set-up

    We encourage all sellers to provide information about their creativity and experience in their public profile. Shoppers will likely be interested in this information, as they are often here specifically to buy art products and items directly from the creator. We encourage all sellers to explain their individual shop's policies on their Shop Policies page, but this may also be included in their item listings, shop announcement and/or public profile.

    Please keep the following things in mind as you set up your shop and create listings:

    An individual shop's policies must not contradict art2trade4’s site Terms and Condition Policies. art2trade4 reserves, the right to ask sellers to modify unreasonable policies at art2trade4’s discretion.

    You may not post links/URLs to other websites where you have the same items for sale that are listed in your art2trads4’s etradeshop. This may include your personal website, if there are items for sale.

    Do not make illegal use of photographs or written text, as this is in violation of art2trade4’s Terms of Use. Contact the owner and ask permission.

    Use of profane and/or racist language or images in the public areas of your art2trade4’s etradeshop is not permitted. This includes your username, public profile, item titles, tags, and avatar, banner, announcement and/or shop sections.

    You must pay your art2trade4’s bill on time to avoid penalties, which include suspension of listing privileges and/or account termination. Learn more about billing In Our Billing.

    You may not use the public areas of your account to demonstrate or discuss disputes with others.

    You may not engage in any activity by which you avoid art2trade4’s fees ("fee avoidance"). This includes, but is not limited to: completing a transaction off art2trade4, once it has been initiated on the site, listing an item below its intended purchase price and canceling a completed transaction.

    Each unique item must have its own listing under its gallery category. You should not edit a listing's information to change it to an entirely different item. This is considered fee avoidance and can also cause problems for art2trade4’s information database.


    What can be sold

    This section outlines the items that can be listed for sale on art2trade4.

    Products and items of art work by you or others

    All products and items submitted support a shop category and storefront and one gallery with unlimited images 00

    Number of days

    All products and item are shown to the public within 00 days in a gallery with images.

    art2trade4 supports all hand-crafted products, vintage, second hand, new or used.


    Commercial Supplies

    These are products and items made by commercial production and not products made single handedly.

    This section is for items that can be used to make other items you might find for sale on art2trade4 (such as fabrics, weaving, art prints, pattern making, textiles and apparel, furniture, beading, jewellery etc

    Shipping supplies and packaging materials are part of the supplies by the seller, not by us.

    All these supplies by the seller can be tagged by the shop and images shown in the galleries


    Listing an item

    All product and item listings on art2trade4 must be for a tangible object (note: a digital file is considered a tangible object). The item description should be clear, accurate and detailed. Some items require special attention to comply with art2trade4’s policies, such as mature.

    Listings that do not comply with art2trade4’s policies will be brought to our attention for review.


    Describe your items accurately

    Accurate titles, tags, photos and descriptions are critical to selling on art2trade4. Tags are very important, as art2trade4 search system relies on tags to find your items for shoppers. Check out on how to list and tag your items. Keep these policies in mind as you describe your items:

    Listing descriptions and photos must clearly describe the item for sale, so buyers know what is included in the purchase.

    Use only accurate and relevant tags.

    The shipping price should be reasonable for the item that is being sold.

    Listings must be available for purchase

    Each listing must be an item available for purchase, either via an auction or make-an-offer.

    You may create a listing for an item, that is not for sale or for sale which is dependent upon the type of membership. Private membership has products and items for purchases only, where as private and Professional for Sale and Not for Sale is available.

    A listing may not be created simply to share photographs or other information with the community.

    A listing may not be created solely as an advertisement. This includes notices of sales or promotions in your shop. Such information can be included in your profile, avatar, etradeshop announcement and/or item descriptions.

    ‘Custom orders" of products and items listings must be listed for purchase with a set price. Details about the customization can be discussed via familiar voices, our inner communication services.

    A listing should not be created with an unrealistic price, in order to keep it from selling. You may price an item how you choose, but please be reasonable.

    A listing must not be conditional upon the purchase of another listing in your shop (i.e. saying "this item may only be purchased along with another item in my shop" is not allowed). This includes listings for item upgrades, shipping upgrades and "free with purchase" offers.


    Freebie with purchase

    A freebie with a purchased item may not be listed as a separate listing conditional upon the purchase of another item in your shop.

    Information about freebie with purchase items must go in the item description.

    Anything that comes free with purchase must not be featured in the first photograph of the listing.

    The title and tags should not mention or describe the freebie with purchase item.

    The price should reflect only the listed item.



    Services are not allowed to be listed, unless they provide a tangible, physical item.

    Graphic design services and digital pattern distribution are allowed. The digital file (2MB pdf, .jpg, .doc, files and so on) in these cases is considered the physical item. 

    With prior written permission, you can list services such as workshops, classes and subscriptions on art2trade4 Under Events. Contact Support Ticket for approval before listing these.


    Production assistance

    It is best if a seller can create his or here products and items entirely and list his or hers own product, whether you are a person or organization, under each separate category or subject per gallery image. You may not have a third-party vendor fulfill your orders to your art2trade4 customers on your behalf (e.g., no drop-shipping).

    Art work products and items are subject to staff review on a case-by-case basis.

    Mature content control for censorship

    Mature content is defined as: sexual activity or content, profane language or graphic violence.

    Items containing mature content must be tagged "mature", not suitable for family viewing.

    The first thumbnail image should be kept appropriate for general audiences. Additional images in the listing may show the item in its entirety.

    Artful representation of the nude human figure is allowed. The context of the nudity determines whether it is a mature content item.

    Items are subject to review on a case-by-case basis. If art2trade4 evaluates the content to be mature, you will be asked to edit the listing to comply with these policies or remove the listing entirely.

    Mature content listings will remain in all public searches by default; users can restrict results by using the exclusionary search term "NOT mature" ("opt-out" search status).


    Prohibited items

    Some products and items are inappropriate for art2trade4’s marketplace,

    You may not list the following types of products or items on art2trade4:





    Firearms and/or weapons

     Recalled items under the New Zealand Consumers

    Real estate

    Motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, boats, etc.) 

    Additionally, a seller may not list any item that violates the seller's local laws, including shipping restrictions, as per art2trade4’s Terms of Use.


    Our Support Ticket

    More Help: General FAQ 

    Our Support Ticket is your notice to art2trade4 It is like your neighborhood Watch. It's your way to alert art2trade4 of potential problems. Use our Support Ticket to report to art2trade4 any Link on any item page that you feel has any form of inappropriateness, unless designated mature and not suitable for family viewing. This is a confidential process. The member whose listing is reported will not know who sent it. Additionally, art2trade4’s investigation will be handled privately; you will not receive a personal response to your sent message support from the Support Ticket.

    Our Support ticket should be used to report any item listing, shop or other help request, that violates any of art2trade4’s policies.

    Do not issue a support ticket and send it a multiple number of times to list the violation.

    Since sending a notice is a private matter, members should not discuss sent notices in any of art2trade4’s community spaces.

    In most cases, art2trade4 will work with a user privately to remedy the problem. If a seller does not respond to art2trade4’s communication or requests in a timely manner, the item may be removed and the etrade-shop’s selling privileges may be suspended and/or terminated. In some extreme cases, listings will be removed immediately. Abuse of the flagging system by means of raising repeated, unjustified flags may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account.



    More Help: General FAQ 

    The community is the heart of art2trade4 forums’ statistics and membership analysis. If you are a member of art2trade4, you are part of our community. art2trade4 has established only a small number of ways in which its members will be able to interact with one another on the site, such as the Forums, inner shop communication for critiquing product and prices, Please remember that these are public spaces, so use common sense when sharing personal information.

    The staff's role in the community is to keep all artists inspired to maintaining their growth, connection, sharing, chatting and their creative home enterprise space, to forge encounters, engage in sharing ideas, asking questions and to get answers for the artist, creative practitioner and organization. We wish to maintain the beauty, the health, helpfulness and success of our community. We have policies and expectations for members' participation in the community spaces. art2trade4’s role is to facilitate open discussion and support our community, through constructive communication and for income generation for the people and organization.


    Community Forum

    The Community Forum supports individual representation from all members and is the main way for community interaction on art2trade4. These areas have different features, but serve the same purpose to share ideas and to ask questions to get answers.

    Above all, treat one another with respect. There is a real person behind each username.

    Keep your posts on topic and in the appropriate section of the forums.

    Harassing, insulting or abusing other members is unacceptable.

    Discussing a specific member, shop or item (either by name or with identifiable hints) in a negative way is not allowed. This is like tagging a person and bulling them

    Do not use the community’s spaces to facilitate or arrange any sort of auction or transaction.

    Specific transactions and/or feedback should not be discussed in public community spaces. Instead, contact Support Ticket privately, if you need help with a transaction.

    You may not use an undisclosed alternate account in community spaces for a transaction.

    Do not publicly post any kind of private information, such as email, communications, letters, phone numbers, addresses, full names or business transactions within the community space forum.

    Solicitation for direct donations or other fund-raising is not allowed in community forums spaces. (art2trade4’s shop promotions, that entail donating proceeds to charity, are fine.)

    art2trade4 does not allow spam in the community space and for this reason, promotion or advertisement from representatives or affiliates of outside services, websites or other products is not allowed.

    Forming Community Forum threads in the wrong section will be moved, without notice, to the appropriate place. Art2trade4 reserves the right to close any thread for any reason. In rare circumstances, art2tade4 may delete information from the forums. Violating community policies may result in suspension of community privileges and/or account termination.


    Creative Work Groups.

    More Help: | Selling FAQ 

    The art2trade4 Creative Work groups or organizations are intended to facilitate relationships between members, in order to promote the products and items, to, network, promote their shops and their Creative work groups, meet people with similar interests or skills, and accomplish the goals set forth by their Creative work groups or organizations. Art2trade4 is interested in providing resources as a starting off point for these Creative works groups or organizations to come up with creative ways to network and promote. We want to allow Creative Work Groups or Organizations to work autonomously, to find the ways of working that best suit their specific Creative work group or organization...

    All Creative Work groups must abide by general art2trade4’s site policies and art2trade4’s Terms of Use.

    art2tade4 is not responsible for membership policies or other actions of these Creative work groups.

    art2trade4 is not involved in Creative work group finances and/or membership dues.

    art2trade4 reserves, the right to refuse links on any profile page or creative work groups page for any reason.

    Art2trade4 will not mediate disputes between individuals or Creative Work groups’ members or between other individuals or Creative Works groups and outside parties.

    Creative Work groups’ are responsible for their own actions, events, contests or promotions, both on-line and off-line. Please use common sense when giving out personal information and meeting people on-line or off-line.

    Third-party forums (such as Yahoo or Google groups’) or other independent Creative Work groups’ sites (such as blogs, and other Creative work group’s websites) will not be monitored by art2trade4 staff.

    Other Creative work groups’ who wish to open a shared shop account must comply with the policies for collective shops (see the Membership section above).


    Reposting content

    All images, data and content are published, in part, under a Creative Commons licence which allows you to repost articles with a few provisions:

    Give credit where credit is due! Always cite the author(s) of the article.

    Link back to the original article of the content published; each page has a unique URL (web address).

    While art2trade4 has permission to use content that our members post on, our members do retain intellectual property rights for their work. Please respect the artist's rights, if you are contacted by an individual about use of their copyrighted material. 





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