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  •     Water Gardens    Mon, 03 Oct 2016 19:46
  • Updated April 19, 2016. If you are planning to have a water feature in your garden or backyard, there are some basic feng shui guidelines you could follow to improve the feng shui energy surrounding your home. The arrangement of water features in feng shui is a complex subject as water is a universal symbol of abundance. There are specific formulas and guidelines that experienced feng shui consultants apply when working with a client to determine the best feng shui location and position of a water feature. However, as with everything, there are basic feng shui steps you can follow to create better energy. Where do you locate your water feature in your backyard for best feng shui? Which direction should the water flow? It is actually simple. The first step will be to know the bagua of your garden. Once you know the bagua of your garden, as well as understand the interplay of the five feng shui elements, you look for the best area to locate the water feature within the needed bagua areas. For example, we know that water element is very beneficial in the following feng shui areas: East, Southeast and North. So, you find the best spot in one (or all!) of these areas and locate your water feature there.
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