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  •  (limited editions × low prices) + the internet = art for everyone

    As we see it, there are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who'd like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other. The internet is the perfect place to bring those people together, and we're exactly the right people to make it happen. We're passionate about art and the internet at20x200. We're really excited about creating a place where almost any art lover can be an art collector.

    We introduce at least two new editions a week: one photo and one work on paper. Most are available in three or four sizes. When we first launched, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch — an edition of 200 — and sold at the lowest price — $20. Hence the name 20x200. (We say it: "twenty by two-hundred." 200x20 just didn't sound as good.) We also offer 11"x14" editions of 500 for $50, 16"x20" editions of 20 for $200, 20"x24" editions of 50 for $500, 24"x30" editions of 10 for $1,000 and 30"x40" editions of 2 for $2,000. We may occasionally offer editions at other sizes and price points. Usually, the original artwork is also available so let us know if you want the one-and-only!

    Every single print is delivered with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist, the artist's bio and statement, and instructions for caring for your print.

    That's what we're all about. Read on for some background on how we got started.

    20x200 is a big idea built of a lot of little pieces.

    Jen Bekman opened her pocket-sized gallery on the Lower East Side in 2003 with the mission of supporting emerging artists and collectors, and she's made a name for herself doing just that. 20x200 takes the mission one step further, making art available for everyone.

    On a Sunday night back in January 2007, Jen came up with a formula: 
    (limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone

    It was the big idea, but she couldn't make it all add up on her own. All fired up, she managed to convince some of thegreatest people ever

     to help complete the equation.

    20x200 has received a lot of attention since Jen first mentioned it in GOOD Magazine back in April 2007. There have been online write-ups and there's some good old traditional print press too: Domino Magazine, The New York Times, New York Magazine, GQ, Sunset Magazine, PDN, Houston Chronicle, New York Post, ReadyMade, STEP and Dwell Magazinehave all done features on us so far, and there's more to come.

    The best way to stay up-to-date on 20x200 and all of our artists is to be signed up for Jen's newsletter. Subscribers get first notice of new editions, an inside perspective on 20x200 art and artists and the scoop on list-only events and special offers. Savvy collectors know that this is their best—and sometimes only—chance to snap up a print from popular, fast-selling releases. Jen's dispatches are educational, opinionated, and often irreverent. Browse the archives and see for yourself, then sign up and keep an eye on your inbox.

    Still got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQs or contact us—we'll be happy to hear from you

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