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Soldier walks NZ against domes

  • news.msn.co.nz/nationalnews/8715456/soldier-walks-nz-against-domestic-abuse Major Patrick Beath recently returned from a nine month deployment to the Solomon Islands where statistics show nearly two out of three women have reported being physically or sexually abused by their partner.

    Visiting a shelter for victims inspired him to help raise awareness.

    "Domestic violence is a high profile problem over in the Solomon Islands, but it's also a problem right here in New Zealand," Maj Beath said.

    The father of one plans to set out from Cape Reinga on Saturday and spend five months tramping more than 3000km along the Te Araroa Trail to Bluff.

    He is aiming to raise $10,000 for anti domestic abuse charity SHINE (Safer Homes in New Zealand Every Day).

    "My mum uses the phrase 'think globally, act locally' and that's why I decided to do this for SHINE - I like their approach to providing proactive and practical help, especially for children," he said.

    Maj Beath has been conditioning himself by sleeping in a hammock outside his parent's house in Wellington.

    This has helped reassure him his gear will stand up to the months ahead, including 0 degrees in wind and rain.

    Maj Beath's progress can be followed at: kiwiscoutwalksteararoa.blogspot.com.au

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